Where are you located?  I am based out of Alabama, but I will come to where ever you need me! 

Do you travel?  I love to travel!  There is no charge for the first 50 miles, and after that the charge depends on the number of miles and if an overnight stay is necessary. 

I have looked over your portfolio. What's next?  Get in touch with me and we will discuss all the options for your big day! 

How do I book with you?  We will meet and talk about all the details that make your special day unique!  

Is there a payment plan?  Yes, we will definitely set one up! 

What is the advantage to having a second photographer?  Having a second photographer on your wedding day provides an additional set of eyes, an additional view and an additional creative contribution to your wedding images.  While the main photographer looks at the dress one way, the second sees it an entirely different way.  With the support of a second shooter, the main photographer is allotted more time to think in new and creative ways.  The second photographer can also capture the reactions, emotions, and action from a different perspective than the primary.   I highly recommend a second photographer. 

How many images will I receive?  I do not limit the number of images you will receive and every wedding is different.

 What is your editing time?  I will deliver the online gallery within 8-12 weeks, sometimes much shorter, depending on the season.  Any products may take longer.  If you just can’t wait, there is an option for rush delivery.  Please see pricing details for this. 

What type of equipment do you use?  I have professional grade Canon equipment and professional grade back up equipment.  I also have a number of different lenses with a range of zoom options and multiple flash components. 

Do you provide other services as well?  I do not. My sole focus is on photography, which I do best. 

What is a bridal session?  A bridal session is scheduled for the day the bride has her hair and makeup run-throughs, before or after the day of the wedding.  This gives her time to focus on her look and the photographer time to capture her alone.

Do you recommend professional hair and makeup artists for the wedding day?  I highly recommend this!  Having these professionals there on the wedding day takes stress off the bride and she can be assured she will look her very best.  

Where do you recommend printing the images?  My recommendation is to have me print your images for you.  I use a professional quality print house that is calibrated to meet my color profile and computer monitors. 

What is a print credit?  A print credit is a block of funds offered towards a print purchase.

How is a print release different from a copyright?  The print release is given to the client and enables them to print the images wherever and whenever they wish.  The copyright release, which is retained by the photographer, is a document stating who owns the photos and who is allowed to distribute and monetize the artistic property.